Monday, April 16, 2007

Lucky coincidence!

I am very pleased! I was able to do a little swap with Simmy and I got the nuigurumi-book that I've wanted for some time now and that isn't available anywhere it seems!

So last weekend I made a little bear. It's quite small and therefore takes quite a long time to make. I think I should enlarge the pattern if I want to make another one...

The opening at the neck was a bit too large and instead of making it smaller (never even occured to me until this morning) I gathered it a bit. It didn't look too great, so he needed a little scarf or something. Well, that's what he looks like now. Any idea for a name?


Sabine said...

Why don't you use the name Simmy? It suits the bear well. Or a german name? He is very cute!
A good idea to give your creations a name, they become even more a personality then!

susan said...

oh my!! i cannot believe your good fortune!! i have been desperately trying to get this book for 2 months to no avail!!! i live in america and i do so want this book. i would send or buy you ANYTHING if you would trade/sell it or make a color copy. please i am begging(i know, how inappropriate!)thank you and oh, i love your blog!!!!