Thursday, August 31, 2006

as promised

Here comes the promised photo of the octopi that I crocheted recently and forgot to post ... I've seen so many pictures of nice amigurumi that I thought I should try to make one myself. I really adore this sweet cat, but lack the patience to make one, I'm afraid. So I started with something small:

Octopus Tintenfisch Krake
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my amigurumi style octopi!
anybody interested?

für einen Froschkönig

für einen Froschkönig
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manchmal sind die süßen Kleinen Giftzwerge, aber ansonsten doch eher Prinzen oder Prinzessinen - mit diesen Schühchen dann auch ordentlich ausgestattet...

21.9.2006 Meine Nichte hat einen Sohn bekommen. Er wird der - hoffentlich stolze - Besitzer dieser Schühchen werden. Und für meine Nichte hoffe ich, dass er sich nicht zum Giftzwerg entwickelt!!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

so many things to do

Yesterday I wanted to take some pix of a few finished crafts but then the batteries were empty and I only managed to take a few. Unfortunately I couldn't go out to buy a new pack because I started my own online travel agency not too long ago and there are still so many things to organize and do... if you want to book a flight or journey, ask me!

Anyhow, here is a photo of a little bowl that I made from a yarn blend. I knit the bowl first and then felted it in the washing mashine. It shrunk by about 40 %. It can hold all the odds and ends that usually litter my desk.

I wanted to crochet some flowers but they were supposed to look different from the usual ones, so I made these little starfish-shaped thingies. They look quite beautiful on dark hair, so I attached them to hairpins :-))

Well, I didn't stop there. Why not crochet some daisies, I thought? Well, I think they are very sweet. This one is attached to a hairclip and also looks very nice on dark hair... What do you think?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm an ambassador!

I'm an GYS ambassador!
I got that mail from Rikki asking for pictures and I will certainly spend some time clicking today or tomorrow.
I will also try to post pix of some of the things that I've been sewing and crocheting the last days. Maybe someone is interested in swapping for an amigurumi-style-octopus??

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Actually, the main reason I am starting this blog is because I also want to join gimmeyourstuff and start sending goodies to you and receiving parcels with goodies from all over the world - it's such a nice idea! I just hope there is somebody out there fancying stuff from Germany!!
So, let me know!
To contact me, please leave a comment and/or email me at ckebel (at)

The name of the blog already gives you a hint: I am really into Japanese crafts. I can spend hours drooling over pictures of craft books posted on flickr, everything is sooo beautiful! I do envy all of you living and working in Japan...
But I also like all those nice patchwork fabrics from the US and Scandinavian cottons - I guess it's obvious that I am completely crazy about sewing, knitting and crafting ;-))

But what would you get from Berlin / Germany?
* craft supplies, e.g. we do have great wool, also felting supplies (wool roving), embroidery floss
* a cut of an Indian saree
* sweets - we do have yummy chocolates, wine gums ...
* spices (also Indian! Cinnamon sticks or powder!) and other cooking or baking stuff
* herbal teas like peppermint or camomille
* German papers or magazines, small children's books
* handmade soap from India
* you name it, I'll try to get it!

I would love to receive:
* craft supplies obviously, e.g. fabrics, buttons, trims, preferably from Japan, Scandinavia, GB or USA (new and vintage)
* craft books / magazines from Japan (e.g. little sewing projects, sewing w/ linen, nuigurumi, zakka, felting)
* origami paper with patterns
* whatever else you may think of...

P.S. I am adding pix of some of the books that I am looking for. So in case you have one and don't need it anymore or you can easily get them, let's swap!! Can't seem to be able to upload a picture of this book - my absolute favourite! Plus the following...

P.P.S. In the future I will only send packages weighing up to 1 kg because supposedly they arrive at their destination much faster! Unfortunately, that also means: less goodies :(