Tuesday, May 20, 2008

:: dawanda fabric swap ::

While in Hamburg I had the opportunity to swap some fabric with other fabric lovers from dawanda. A huge parcel full of fabric and other goodies was waiting for me at Steffi's.

Here is what I took from the parcel:

And this is some fabric from my stash that I put into the parcel:

:: on vacation ::

Last week we made a little trip to Lower Saxony to visit my sister and in between we went to Hamburg to visit Steffi. I met her through dawanda where she also has a shop.

Although Steffi did not know me she replied to a post of mine asking for information on Luebeck where we plan to move and she then very generously invited us to come to Hamburg. Her husband is from Luebeck so she knows the town quite well and wanted to take us there. Only then we got to know each other via mails and telephone.

As expected, we got along very well and had a marvellous time! The minute we arrived we took off again to drive to the North Sea. We visited the multimar wattforum in Toenning which was very interesting. Even my daughter who initially didn't want to go enjoyed the exhibition. They show an enormous skeleton of a whale but I liked the seahorses best!

Afterwards we went for some sandblasting on the beach (it was a tad windy) and of course the kids enjoyed the beach a lot! Our kids got along very well - as if they'd been friends for ages - which made it very easy for us.

And of course we went to Luebeck. It's a lovely town and we would really love to move there this summer. Keep your fingers crossed!