Monday, November 27, 2006

Bomb threat? Swapping with Ivy!

Still no package from Portland but I got a little package from Singapore. Ivy sent me tiny pieces of fabric and some trim and ribbon. She also sent some sweets the children will definitely love. She enclosed a little craft book on patchwork. And there are two obscure thingies that look like fire crackers. I think it will be safer to wait for Ivy's explanation before trying them... Thank you Ivy and I hope you like our package!!

This is everything Ivy sent from far away Singapore. Sorry for the crappy photographs...

Bomb threat in Berlin? Maybe! I am not sure if these little things are fire crackers, little bombs or sweets?? They are called haw flakes... will there be a flour explosion when you bite into them?

And here is a close up of the fabric. I think it's very nice. I hope to use it soon!

Monday Monday

Monday again! But at least it's sunny outside, quite a pleasant fall day! I have been crocheting a little over the weekend and here is the result:

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I wanted to make little bunny stuffies for some time now and I finally did a couple of them yesterday. I chose a piece of old linen which I thought would be perfect, then I made a simple drawing. Everything was really easy until I had to turn the buggers inside out - what a pain those long ears were! I actually had to use tweezers!! I stuffed them with a little polyfill and some fresh lavender and there they are:

I think they are quite cute but next time I will make some bears with tiny ears...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

swappy di swap

Still no package from Portland and also no mail from my swap partner if she received hers. Maybe she's still on vacation...
Nevertheless, I mailed the package to my swap partner in Singapore on Thursday and really hope to have more luck this time!
I haven't been crafting a lot lately. I am very busy at work but unfortunately still not earning enough money:((
Autumn is in full swing now and it often is stormy and rainy - but not now, so we can do our shopping without getting wet... I wish it was sunny, though. I think I couldn't live in Scandinavia where it stays quite dark even during the day. It must be very depressing.
But look at these guys! Aren't they the cutest ever??? I found the link on mollychicken's blog and immediately fell in love! Definitely have to make some for Christmas!! They really make me smile!

In the meantime I made a Russian matroshka. I've seen them somewhere, probably ebay. Here is the picture that I downloaded:

I think they are very sweet but I don't like the crocheted faces. As I don't have those tiny buttons and I am too lazy to embroider the flowers, I made her a belt, I used rocailles beads for the eyes:

Have a great weekend everybody!

Monday, November 06, 2006


It's really weird. I posted my swap package to Portland in the end of September and presumably it hasn't arrived yet. My swap partner is on vacation, so I hope there is someone there to pick up her mail. I haven't received my package either although she sent it at the same time. That was nearly 6 !! weeks ago now.
On the other hand I already received books that were sent from Japan and Hongkong much later! I hope our swap packages aren't lost...
I haven't managed to do much crafting lately. I have many many WIPs that I don't want to show pictures of but didn't finish anything. Probably that autumn depression at work...