Saturday, November 18, 2006

swappy di swap

Still no package from Portland and also no mail from my swap partner if she received hers. Maybe she's still on vacation...
Nevertheless, I mailed the package to my swap partner in Singapore on Thursday and really hope to have more luck this time!
I haven't been crafting a lot lately. I am very busy at work but unfortunately still not earning enough money:((
Autumn is in full swing now and it often is stormy and rainy - but not now, so we can do our shopping without getting wet... I wish it was sunny, though. I think I couldn't live in Scandinavia where it stays quite dark even during the day. It must be very depressing.
But look at these guys! Aren't they the cutest ever??? I found the link on mollychicken's blog and immediately fell in love! Definitely have to make some for Christmas!! They really make me smile!

In the meantime I made a Russian matroshka. I've seen them somewhere, probably ebay. Here is the picture that I downloaded:

I think they are very sweet but I don't like the crocheted faces. As I don't have those tiny buttons and I am too lazy to embroider the flowers, I made her a belt, I used rocailles beads for the eyes:

Have a great weekend everybody!

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