Wednesday, February 25, 2009

:: I have got a new shop ::

Hi everyone! I opened a new shop today. It's a bit like etsy or dawanda but started only a couple of weeks ago. So far I only listed three items. If you are interested in handmade stuff, go and take a look!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

:: been tagged ::

gosh, it's been ages since my last post, I havent't even wished anybody a merry Christmas or a happy New Year - and now I've been tagged by Steffi!

I am supposed to show you the 4th picture from my 4th folder - well then, here it is:

The photo shows some monkeys in New Delhi. We went there a couple of years ago to visit the family. Of course the twins were really fascinated by them, the monkeys that is. They also loved the cows on the roads and talked about "holy cows" more or less constantly.

Now I need to tag 4 bloggers and I don't really know whom to choose, let me think about it...