Saturday, April 28, 2007

SALE - Japanese craft books

I want to sell a couple of Japanese craft books that I don't need anymore. I actually didn't use them, so they are brandnew!! If you would like to get one, please drop me a line at ckebel at! I am sorry for the crappy pix, I had to use the flash.

The first book is a marvellous book for those of you who are interested in needle felting. There are loads of very cute dogs (88 p, nearly 500 g, shipping in FRG would be 2,40 EUR, the book itself will be 18,00 EUR).

This next book has a lot of very nice booties in different sizes. 63 p. I am selling it for 18,00 EUR plus shipping cost.

I have got two copies of this little patchwork book, so I am selling one of them. 47 p full with lovely sewing projects with very clear Japanese instructions. This will go for 6 EUR plus postage. Drop me a line if you are interested!

The last book on sale. 88 p of cute knit and crochet goodness. Again, it's hardly used, only made a couple of xeroses. It will also be 18 Eur plus shipping.

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