Tuesday, April 24, 2007

because of a ball on the lawn

I had a horrible weekend. You cannot imagine how awful some of our neighbours are (we live in a row of flats)!

The children were playing football on Saturday.

Their football fell over the fence onto the lawn (yes, there is a fence, so that nobody can walk on it. I don't know what they want to protect because the state of the grass is really bad!).

Well, our interfering next door neighbour didn't want my son to climb over the fence to fetch the ball - can you believe it??

When I asked him what the problem was, she complained that everybody would climb the fence and foreigners could climb the fence...

I asked her to stop her racist remarks but she didn't, so I told her that her behaviour was despicable!

When her husband and another neighbour came home she went on the stairs and complained loudly about my bad manners and that I had insulted her. The other neighbour who by the way is a policeman and who wasn't present when I talked to her said that I should get a slap round the face - unbelievable, isn't it?

I really wish we could move, Berlin is so awful. So much dirt, so many aggressive people...

I did a little bit of crafting. I still had some leftover yarn, so I made a pin cushion. I filled it with some chick peas and polyfill.

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Sabine said...

Oh, but you have people like that here in Belgium too, our neighbour for instance. He is proud to say that he hates ALL children, including mine. I do not dare to imagine what he thinks of "foreigners".