Saturday, April 21, 2007

craft books

Yesterday I received two craft books that I ordered some time ago.

I really looked forward to Lotta Jansdotter's "Simple Sewing" which got so many good reviews on other blogs. It's a nice book, very good design, excellent pix, practical spiral binding, patterns in a little envelope and one cannot not love the fabrics - but the projects are too simple for my taste. I don't need a pattern to sew a dish cloth, napkins or a tote. On the whole I was a bit disappointed. It's a very inspiring book and probably excellent for a beginner - but not for me, I am afraid.
The second book is "Simple Sewing with a French Twist" by Céline Dupuy. Again, a very nice book, it offers a lot of inspiration but it also has its downsides. Some projects really look simple but I think that more instructions and helpful tips are needed to see them through. A more experiended crafter can manage well but will probably find the projects too simple. This book is very thick and would profit immensely from a spiral binding! I also miss the patterns. There aren't so many to begin with, so they could have been included - there are patterns on only 4 pages at the back of the book that need to be enlarged.

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