Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How to caramelize almonds

Now that my sewing machine doesn't work anymore I have some time to spend on other christmassy preparations. Friends and family have been asking about the almonds that I make every year. This morning I finally obliged.

I use 200 g of sugar, 5 spoonsful of water, 1 teaspoonful of cinnamon and some cardamom. Stir well and bring to a boil, than add approx. 200-250 g of almonds. Lower the heat. And then you just keep stirring and stirring and stirring.
Warning: don't ever touch any almond that falls out of the pan! Use a spoon!!

the sugar gets dry and you keep stirring...

Thank God, at one point the sugar starts to melt and now the caramelizing begins!! Don't forget to stir! I know, it's tiring!

Hmmm, caramel doing very well indeed - what a smell! It's a very sticky mass but stir you must!

Pour the sticky almonds onto a baking tray covered with baking paper and separate as best as you can, using forks or spoons. Let them cool down .

After cooling down, try to separate the almonds some more. Now you can try one, but you better start making another batch. They are really delicious (if I say so myself) and it's difficult to stop. And the good thing: they are less sugary than the ones you can buy...

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