Monday, December 11, 2006

good news

Last weekend we went to the Sinterklaas market in Potsdam, near Berlin and it was really nice. I expected it to be very crowded but it was OK. There were a lot of craftspeople from Holland. They were extremely friendly and explained what they were doing, Unfortunately I couldn't take as many pictures as I would have liked...

Here are Sinterklaas and Black Peter talking to a brave little girl reciting a poem.

The basket-maker really fascinated my daughter. She spent about 10 minutes watching him weaving and weaving. And look: it was sunny! But quite cold, mind you!

The porcelain-painter wearing a traditional Dutch bonnet! She was very talented and had some beautiful things for sale.

Another craftsman who fascinated my daughter. Again she spent a long time watching him plaiting the seat of an old chair. He was very nice and talkative. And he's wearing traditional wooden clogs!

It was a very nice afternoon but in the end our hands and feet were freezing. I can't imagine how the craftspeople could stand the cold!

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