Monday, March 26, 2007

fundraiser bike ride for tsunami victims

Please, check out giantjeansparlor's recent post about a fundraiser bike ride from Honshu to Shikoku!

Each participant of the bike trip is collecting sponsorships for the ride, donations that will go directly to Building Communities.

From the Building Communities website:
"Your donations to Building Communities will literally lay the foundations for family homes in the village of Kothasatram / Indiranagar. The villagers live(d) in earthen huts with palm leaf roofs. When the tsunami struck, it literally washed their homes away. They rebuilt their homes as before, but many are still cramped with 4-6 people sleeping directly on dirt floors. Although the tsunami has passed, the villagers are in dire need of strong, sturdy homes to withstand the seasonal threats of cyclones, rain, flooding and the general ravages of nature."

You can make a donation on Anjali's blog and she even offers something for each donor of $5 or more! Check it out, it's easily done via paypal!

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