Saturday, March 31, 2007

crafty week

I tried to use my broken sewing machine and it worked - a little. In the evening my right hand hurt because it only worked with considerable help - I need to turn the balance wheel by hand a lot. It seems as if there is something stuck.

Anyhow I made a piggy bank, inspired by a picture in a German magazine. Here it is:

I used some industrial felt, flowery cotton for the legs, pearls for the eyes and the little piggy tail was made from cotton yarn. It would have been much easier and faster had I also used felt for the legs... it took ages to turn the little legs inside out! I am quite pleased with the result!

Everybody's making tissue holders these days. As it's a small project and doesn't require a lot of sewing, I made a couple of them from my fabric stash:

Nothing spectacular but I am pleased to have made something. I definitely need a new sewing machine...


Verito said...

Hi Christine, i'm Verrito from the book on Molly chicken blog, my bestfriend live in US so she was going to send me this to Sweden, but unfurtunally I received an email from the store telling me that they don't have more books in stock right now :(

I hope you have more lucky than me with that gorgeous book.

susan said...

oh your pig is so sweet!! i love it. i like that you made your tissue holders with the corners(i dont know what you call that). i may have to try one again. when i made one before it was hard to get the tissues out