Friday, October 03, 2008

no, the curtains

aren't ready yet although the weather is awful
and I do have enough time...
I wish there were little fairies who came at night
and made them for me ;-)

Well, I spent it sewing a couple more bags for the

and in the morning we made an apple cake - really easy:

just mix the dough (125g butter, 125g sugar, 3-4 eggs,
200g flour, 2tsp baking powder),
put it into a greased pan.

Find someone to peel 4-6 apples for you, cut them into quarters
and put them on top of the dough,
sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon - we use a lot of cinnamon!

Bake approx 45 min. at 180° C. Relish the smell!
Remove from oven and let it cool,
whip some cream if you like and enjoy!

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