Tuesday, February 13, 2007

swappy di swap

I finished my swap with Satomi who sent me a couple of travel brochures (well, I did ask for them!) and catalogues from felissimo. That must be marvellous shop. She also sent a calendar with funny stickers, fabric, beautiful origami paper and little photo albums for the kids. I had asked for the kids' names witten in Japanese characters and they both started practising right away - great fun indeed!

Here are pictures of the things Satomi sent:


Mel said...


I came across your blog while surfing and love the idea of the swap! how do I get involved? :)

Mel fr Singapore

Christine said...

Hi Mel,
if you want to play, check out this site:
It gives you the instructions and everything. There is also
which also seems to be fun.
Have a good time swapping!